Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Best Laid Plans and All That

I had initially intended to post every week or two weeks.  Hmmm, yep, that didn't work so well!  I will try to do more often :)  What has everyone bought for their stash in the last week?  I've been on such an stash diet and the need for a yarn trip is really building up in me.  

Tigger and Peanut had to get dewormed.  It was traumatic for them but since, what a change.  They are even more lovable, including Peanut!  She gives me rubs and kisses all the time now!  She has also really ramped up the gift game we have.

On the hooking front, I've been working on a charity set.  

I'm hoping to finish up the diaper covers today and then get the booties done.  This is a burial set and the extra hat, diaper cover, and booties are keepsakes for the parents.  I also have a partner making blankets and she will make an extra blanket for a keepsake.
I made a frozen theme tutu that turned out really cute!!  It turned out super fluffy.  I tried a different waistband and I think this worked really well for the fluffiness and will most likely use it from now on :)

After months of nothing, I finally got a Etsy order...for a yoda hat :)
 I've done a myriad of items for the Ravelry Group Hogwarts challenges.  Anything from kool aid dying to pocket angels.  We are about at the end of this rotation and I have so many things left to do!!  

I also got a few rows in on the Yankees blanket and started another pillow for my mom.  These 2 seriously need my attention so once the charity set is done and the Hogwarts rotation is over, I'm going to give them some undivided time.  I've also been working on graphing, but I think I must choose hard pictures to do something.  It's a learning in progress sort of thing.  So what is on your hook or needles?



Saturday, July 25, 2015

A new beginning.....

Once upon a time I had another blog.  All about cross stitch and my family, doggies, and kitties.  Then one day the husband came home and crushed it all with one phrase.  So I moved to the other side of the country and am restarting my life.  It isn't where I want to be by far right now.  But I just keep taking one step forward each day and trying to rebuild.

In this past year I have been blessed with 2 new babies....
This is Tigger.  He is my loveable hugaboo.

 And this one is Peanut.  She thinks because she is a Blue Russian/American Ringtail that she is special.  She is the Diva of the house.  I keep telling her "Ya'll are both rescues, now stop putting on airs".  She is getting a little better.

I moved from Texas to Rochester, NY and let me tell you what a change it has been.  I can see all 4 seasons although people here say there is only summer and winter.  Winter?  Oh my gracious me, we just won't even go there except you will notice that my ramblings turn into those of a raving lunatic come winter.

I have not joined into the community, made friends or ventured out really.  People here are crazy and would just as soon as shoot you as say Hi.  It has been quiet a shock to this southern girl.  I dipped my toes in the dating field twice.  That was a big mistake.  I guess I'm just not interested in dating or a relationship.  I'm tired of all that and selling my soul to the devil and giving my all until there is nothing left in me.  I do miss having someone to hang out wtih, laugh with, do things with.  And I am better off looking for that in a friend, but these people scare me.  And I still have a lot of work to do on myself.  

These are my two recent works:

 This is a butterfly graph that I will turn into a pillow for my room.  It is also part of a summer event for a group on facebook.  I need to make 5 and then I will get a really cool pattern.  I've made one for my mom, and now this one.  

Then there is this:

I'm part of Elk Studios Christmas CAL, and this is the first project.  It's a cowl and I'm going to give it to my mom.  I made her boot cuffs last year that this will match.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little, meeting the fur babies, and seeing a little of my work.  See ya next week!